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We are skilled thatchers from Hungary; we have been dealing with roofing for 28 years.

We have built roofs in several European countries and in America that you can find among our references.

The main aspects of making good thatch roofing: choosing the reed of appropriate quality, the optimum angle of the roof structure (45-47 degrees), and the professional knowledge, experience that are used to make a perfect and durable thatching.

During the years, our jobs abroad (the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, England) have greatly increased our professional skills and knowledge.

So if you choose our company to carry out your work, I can firmly state that professionalism is the number one requirement for us, whether it is a new thatching or the repair of an existing one.

At your request, the roof construction (carpentry) is also carried out.

We undertake the construction of the interior or exterior structure of any residential or farm building, bar counters, poolside shading, garden shelters.

We are up-to-date with the latest technology, we take care of the complete administration, and we carry out our work in an accurate and precise way across the country and, of course, abroad.

Site: 2481 Velence (Hungary), Rákóczi út 16.


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